Good news for all users of Universal Robots: Highly efficient pick-and-place applications, machine tending, bin picking or (de)palletizing have just become easier for your UR: Roboception‘s rc_visard 3D stereo sensor and innovative rc_reason software modules are now fully compatible with Universal Robots through a URCap.

Getting started is as easy as can be:

rc_visard users that switch to a UR robot can simply download the URCap (free of charge) from Roboception’s website.

New rc_visard users can purchase their hardware and software solution as part of our Universal Robots Pick Package that includes a ‘starter kit’: It contains the URCap, a tailored calibration grid and a set of cables and connectors plus the selected sensor and a software component (if any).

Visit the rc_visard on the UR+ website, read the full product description or have a look at the detailed tutorial for more information.

The rc_visard 3D stereo sensor and the rc_reason software modules have now been integrated directly into the interfaces of the innovative drag&bot software.

drag&bot enables users to re-programme their robots quickly and flexibly, and to hence optimize the automated production processes. The software is compatibel with robots from eight different manufactureres, and now integrates Roboception’s vision solutions as well.

Read more on the drag&bot website… 

Roboception’s rc_visard 3D stereo sensor (winner of a Red Dot Design Award in 2019) is now on display at the Red Dot Design Museum in Singapore.

Until September 2020, the sensor is a part of the exhibition ‘Human-Nature’: The value of good design, demonstrated in an exhibition through parallel questioning in a world where humans achieve enhanced abilities through technology, algorithm and machine learning, where co-existing with robots is a reality.

If you happen to be in town, do stop by for a visit – and/ or read more about this exciting exhibition here…

Picture: Red Dot Design Museum

When high-speed processing is of the essence, rc_visard users can now take the sensor’s semi-global-matching (SGM®) processing off-board: The SGM®Producer is a software library for running stereo matching processes on the graphics card of an external computer.

While the stereo matching component is part of the basic on-board software package on each rc_visard, the SGM®Producer utilizes the computing power of an external host computer’s graphics card (GPU). It enables a significant speed-up of the depth image computation: Frame rates of 25Hz can be achieved.

Installation of this GenICam-compatible producer is easy: There is no change of interface as compared to on-board stereo matching and even SGM® processing for multiple sensors on one GPU is possible.

This new software add-on is now available in our webshop…

Roboception, together with industrial designer Tilo Wuesthoff, has won an award in the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2019. Our rc_visard received the Red Dot, which the renowned jury only awards to products that feature an outstanding design.

“I would like to congratulate the laureates sincerely on their wonderful success. The fact that their products were able to satisfy the strict criteria of the jury bears testimony to their award-winning design quality. The laureates are thus setting key trends in the design industry and are showing where future directions may lead,” said Professor Dr. Peter Zec, founder and CEO of Red Dot, in reference to the winners.

At Roboception, we are very proud that (after the iF DESIGN AWARD in 2018) yet another jury was convinced of the outstanding design quality of our sensor. From the very beginning, it has been one of our goals to not only optimize our sensors in terms of functionality, but to make them visually attractive as well. In the end, they are typically mounted to our customer’s robots in very prominent positions.

The Red Dot Award: Product Design is one of the world’s largest design competitions. In 2019, designers and manufacturers from 55 countries entered more than 5,500 products in the competition. The international jury comprises experienced experts from different disciplines and has been convening for more than 60 years in order to select the year’s best designs. During an adjudication process that spans several days, they try out the products, discuss them and ultimately reach a well-founded decision regarding the design quality of the entries. True to the motto “In search of good design and innovation”, their assessment focuses on criteria such as the level of innovation, functionality, formal quality, longevity and ergonomics.

Now, rc_visard designer Tilo Wuesthoff is looking forward to receiving the award at a fabulous award ceremony taking place in Essen in early July.

Using the rc_visard and the rc_reason ItemPick Module with a Universal Robot has just become easy:

With Roboception’s brand-new URCap software, setting up an efficient pick-and-place application using the ItemPick Module in your UR program is child’s play: The required URCap software can be downloaded from our website (free of charge), a tutorial supporting the set-up is also available.

Furthermore, we have compiled everything you need to set up an ItemPick application with your UR robot in an attractively priced bundle. This can now be ordered via our webshop with just a few mouse clicks.

Have a look…

Roboception has just released the rc_reason BoxPick Module, which provides a solution for robotic pick-and-place applications such as de-/palletizing and sorting of packets.

Equipped with the BoxPick Module, the rc_visard detects rectangular surfaces over pre-defined size ranges and optionally computes potential grasp points. It allows the detection of the position, the orientation and the size of the objects and enables the robot to place the objects in a defined position.

The BoxPick Module enables robots to pick unsorted and unordered packets out of a bin and palletize these items in a defined, oriented way. It can also be used for de-palletizing packets to a conveyor belt, e.g. for cross-belt sorters.

Read more…

At this year’s Hannover Fair, Roboception is part of the Application Park in Hall 17. The open design of the park, without any dividing walls, makes the joint booth a real crowd-puller. Get convinced by mobile robots and autonomous systems and don’t miss stopping by our booth: Hall 17, E42/18).

Enjoy a live pick-and-place application, see how RandomDot Projector optimizes even difficult scenes, pick up an apple – and try our rc_visard hands-on yourself.

You will also find our rc_visard “live in action” on the booths of our partners Schunk (Hall 17, B40), where the rc_visard works coupled with a mechanical gripper in a bin-picking demo, and Ruhrbotics (Hall 16, A10), where you will see that our products link up flawlessly with a UR as well.

Get in touch to pre-arrange your meeting with us, and we will gladly provide you a complimentary e-ticket. Our team looks forward to welcoming you at one of our demos.

With the Image Version 1.5, we improve our basic software with a new feature: The StereoPlus Module delivers full resolution depth images and advanced smoothing for optimized depth data.

The new Image 1.5 not only includes some minor bug fixes and efficiency improvements, but also the StereoPlus Module. This comprises two new features: ‘Smoothing’ and ‘Full Resolution’.

When activated, the SMOOTHING setting evens out the surfaces in the depth image of a given scene without removing scene details, hence improving the data quality significantly.

When selecting FULL among the resolution settings, the depth image will be computed in the full camera resolution. This setting is particularly useful when the sensor is used in combination with the RandomDot Projector, as it maximizes the scene density.

The improved rc_visard is now available in our WebShop.

In the frame of this year’s Bavarian Innovation Award Ceremony, Roboception has received the Special Prize in the Start-Up Category.

The Innovation Award Bavaria is awarded every two years by the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energie, the Bavarian Federation of Chambers of Industry and Commerce, and the Working Group of the Bavarian Chamber of Crafts in order to honour exceptional innovative achievements. It underlines the significance of innovations for the development of Bavarian enterprises and of Bavaria as a business location as a whole.

This highly acknowledged prize is awarded to Roboception’s innovative 3D stereo sensor, the rc_visard.

This award is of course a great honour for us here at Roboception! We are very proud to see our innovative development receive such prominent recognition here at our home base.

See the related video feature (in German)…

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Dr. Eberhard Sasse, President of the Bavarian Federation of Chambers of Industry and Commerce (r), Roboception CEO Dr. Michael Suppa (l) and the Roboception Team at the Award Ceremony.
Source: BIHK/Goran Gajanin/Das Kraftbild