3D Stereo Vision: Hardware & Software

3D Stereo Vision by Roboception

3D Stereo Vision for Your Robot

3D Stereo Vision by Roboception

With innovative and flexible 3D stereo vision sensors and platforms, we reliably close the perception-action-loop for robots. This unique 3D vision hardware enables any robotic system to reliably perceive and assess its environment in real time. Based on the visual information, robots can then go “from pixel to action” and plan and execute actions, e.g. pick-and-place objects. 

All of our hardware products can be used highly intuitively and the installation effort is reduced to a minimum. By offering multiple interfaces, we ensure maximum compatibility with various robot brands and PLCs.

rc_reason CADMatch machine tending

rc_reason Software Suite:
Deliver Task-Relevant Information

The rc_reason software suite comprises a variety of application-oriented software modules that provide information such as grasp points to industrial and collaborative robots of multiple brands. It allows you to provide application-specific, task-relevant information to your robot – even if you have little or no prior robot vision experience.

rc_reason CADMatch machine tending

rc_accessories: Useful Additions

A variety of additional hardware products and software tools enhance our 3D stereo vision products for optimized robot vision solutions.

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