Your Detection Software for Exact Positioning Based on Tags

Fast and Easy Tag Detection

The rc_reason TagDetect module enables any of our 3D vision sensors to rapidly detect QR codes and AprilTags. This capability is highly useful for the reliable detection of objects, e.g. in pick-and-place applications.

As part of the on-board software package of our intelligent 3D stereo vision products, it is included at no extra charge when purchasing a sensor or rc_cube.

  • Identification and localization of labelled objects
  • Reliable localization of a sensor in 3D space
  • Time-efficient: Detection time is less than one second
  • On-board data processing on rc_visard or rc_visard NG: No external hardware required
  • Out-of-the-box: Easy to install and use
rc_reason TagDetect

Details about TagDetect

The rc_reason TagDetect module is an optional software component that can be easily activated on-board any rc_visard or rc_visard NG and operated through the sensor’s standard interface. It enables a robust detection of QR codes and AprilTags. It also calculates the 3D position and orientation of each tag relative to the sensor.

The rc_reason TagDetect module is a fundamental component for the efficient identification and manipulation of labeled objects, e.g. in pick-and-place applications. Furthermore, it can significantly facilitate mobile applications, as the rc_visard can localize itself in space using pre-installed QR codes or AprilTags as a reference.

A detection time of less than one second and the ability to detect multiple codes or tags in one shot make applications time efficient.

Additional Information for TagDetect

Hardware requirementsAny compatible 3D stereo sensor (plus rc_cube as needed)
On-board installation, no additional hardware required
Supported AprilTag families16h5, 25h9, 36h10, 36h11, 41h12
Capturing mode One-shot mode
Detection time < 1 second

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