3D Stereo Vision: Eyes for Your Robot

Intuitive and flexible, Roboception’s 3D stereo vision solutions reliably close the perception-action-loop.

Roboception's rc_visard NG Vision Platform

rc_visard NG 3D Stereo Vision Platform

Roboception's rc_visard NG Vision Platform

The rc_visard NG combines the high-performance rc_reason software suite with the UserSpace, which allows users to deploy their own software in Docker containers – directly on the sensor. This smart vision platform is powered by the high-performance NVIDIA® Jetson Orin™ series, the most advanced embedded AI solution for robot vision on the market today. Designed to perform most powerfully and power-efficiently, this small AI computer is housed directly in the sensor hardware, making the rc_visard NG smarter than ever!

rc_viscore 3D Stereo Sensor

rc_viscore 3D Stereo Sensor by Roboception

The rc_viscore is the world’s first 3D stereo sensor for robotic applications with 12 MP resolution. It provides uniquely accurate depth, confidence and error images and is particularly suited for complex automation tasks that require high-quality image processing, such as detecting small parts in large workspaces.

rc_viscore 3D Stereo Sensor by Roboception
rc_visard 3D stereo sensor

rc_visard 3D Stereo Sensor

rc_visard 3D stereo sensor

The rc_visard 3D stereo sensor family comprises various smart cameras that deliver high-precision image acquisition for robotic applications. The rc_visard provides high-quality 3D color or monochrome vision for industrial and collaborative robot cells with flexible working distances. It comes with a comprehensive package of on-board modules that can be extended with additional software components.

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