Roboception's Role in ODIN Project

Robotic perception of the environment, processes and humans plays an essential role within the ODIN project (Open-Digital-Industrial and Networking pilot lines using modular components for scalable production). As part of the project, three pilot lines in three different industries (automotive, aeronautic, and white goods) have to be developed. The perception capabilities are important for the execution of the relevant tasks as well as for ensuring the safety of the HRC (human-robot-collaboration) environments.

Required perception skills include:

– Object detection and pose estimation based on CAD models
– Quality checks
– Perception for screwing while moving operations
– Object inspection of aeronautics mechanical assemblies
– Human body and human motion detection
– Human detection and object localization

Roboception’s role in ODIN is to design and prototypically implement the required perception skills in each pilot line. Recently, our CEO Dr. Michael Suppa has presented the advantages of 3D stereo vision in industrial applications and how it is implemented in the ODIN project. To learn more, please download his PPT slides from TeknoHub’s webinar about „Utilisation of Machine Vision in Robotics Applications“ on March 20th, 2023.