3D Stereo Vision for Robots in Various Industries

Our comprehensive 3D stereo vision portfolio, coupled with a modular software suite, provides robust support for a wide range of applications across multiple industries. At Roboception, we are committed to continuous innovation, introducing new off-the-shelf vision solutions with a modular design. This design approach ensures not only versatility and flexibility in application, but also ease of use.

Our solutions are thoughtfully designed to meet the unique needs of our customers. Whether tailoring solutions for specific industries or individual users, we prioritize developing requirements in line with market demands. This customer-centric approach allows us to seamlessly translate these requirements into products, ensuring that our offerings are not only state of the art, but also precisely tailored to the dynamic needs of the industry or individual user.

Industrial Automation

Applications in the field of industrial automation require high precision. However, absolute accuracy can only be achieved under certain conditions at high costs. The 3D navigation and application solutions of Roboception obviate the need for high absolute precision by combining industrial robots having a moderate relative accuracy with a new kind of relative motion planning.

Application scenarios

  • Manipulation
  • Assembly
  • Inventory count
Robot arm mounted on mobile platform picks items from a warehouse shelve


Successful logistical applications are based on autonomous navigation, reliable human detection and targeted object manipulation. The 3D navigation and application software offers a complete error assessment from the data acquisition to the data product and allows the manipulation of a priori unknown objects in an unknown, disordered environment.

Application scenarios

  • Indoor navigation of vehicles
  • Loading and unloading of machines
  • Depalletizing and palletizing

Service Robotics

Solutions by Roboception contribute to reliable robot solutions through 3D navigation paired with reliable object and obstacle recognition as well as data fusion from other sensors.

Application scenarios

  • Collection and delivery services
  • Support in everyday life
  • Assistance in preparation of food

Lab Automation & Healthcare

3D navigation, object manipulation and environment monitoring support autonomous systems, 24/7 processes in laboratories and reliable patient monitoring capabilities that guarantee efficient care.

Application scenarios

  • Safe transportation of medication
  • Cleaning of common spaces, rooms or e.g. surgical instruments cleaning
  • Auonomous execution of processes in laboratories

Agricultural Robotics

In agricultural robotics, the recording of dense stereo data is essential for plant recognition and navigation. Roboception provides 3D navigation without external infrastructure as well as the bridging of GPS dropouts by visual navigation.

Application scenarios

  • Counting / Forecast of the harvest
  • Health analysis of plants
  • Precise weed identification and removal

Use Cases from Various Industries​

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