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Reliable CAD-based Detection without Onsite Image Acquisition

The rc_reason CADMatch machine tending software module uses a CAD model as input, AppliedAI-based machine learning techniques for ensuring reliable detection, and highly intuitive user interfaces for ultimate usability. The module enables a robotic system to reliably detect, locate and pick objects from unmixed load carriers, completely independent of the object‘s position and orientation.

The user can easily configure the grasp points on any trained object through the WebGUI and add additional information about the load carrier and gripper for a complete visualization of the point cloud and potential collisions.

This software solution can significantly increase the efficiency of production processes, for example by automating machine tending, kitting processes or assembly operations.

  • Detection and localization of objects based on CAD data
  • Provides grasp point(s) for reliable pick-and-place tasks
  • Template creation provided as a service
  • Improves the efficiency of automation processes
layer of coils in automated kitting cell, top view, black and white industry camera image, with bounding boxes
layer of coils in automated kitting cell, top view, black and white industry camera image, with visualization of detection results
rc_reason CADMatch Machine Tending Software

Details about the CADMatch Machine Tending Software

The highly intuitive interface allows even non-experts to configure the grasp points and implement the pick-and-place process with just a few mouse clicks. The software supports the specification of one or more grasp points per object, hence enabling picking with a two-finger gripper or a suction device.

This module runs off-board the rc_visard or rc_viscore on an rc_cube IPC (not included) or on-board the rc_visard NG, and is operated through an intuitive WebGUI interface that includes a grasp-teaching interface. Note that the purchase of an rc_cube computer is required in order to operate the CADMatch module with an rc_visard or rc_viscore.

The CADMatch machine tending software module requires a template of the object to be detected. This serves as input to an AppliedAI-based detection process. The creation of this template from the object‘s CAD data is available as a service from Roboception; the first two templates are included with the software purchase. Feasibility studies can also be requested via our Customer Area.

rc_reason CADMatch Machine Tending Software

Additional Information for the CADMatch Machine Tending Software

Hardware requirementsrc_visard NG, rc_viscore or any rc_visard sensor
rc_cube: Off-board installation required, use of rc_cube edge computer mandatory with rc_visard and rc_viscore (not needed for rc_visard NG)
Robotic system equipped with grasping device
Minimum object size (recommendation)

Indicative minimum object sizes at different viewing distances:

rc_visard 65 (c/m):
22.5 cm @ 3.0 m
15.0 cm @ 2.0 m
7.5 cm @ 1.0 m
3.75 cm @ 0.5 m
1.5 cm @ 0.2 m

rc_visard 160 (c/m):
22.5 cm @ 3.0 m
15.0 cm @ 2.0 m
7.5 cm @ 1.0 m
3.75 cm @ 0.5 m

rc_visard 160-6 (m):
15.0 cm @ 3.0 m
10.0 cm @ 2.0 m
5.0 cm @ 1.0 m
2.5 cm @ 0.5 m

rc_visard NG:
13.3 cm @ 3.0 m
8.9 cm @ 2.0 m
4.4 cm @ 1.0 m
2.2 cm @ 0.5 m

rc_viscore 210-m:
5.2 cm @ 3.0m
3.5 cm @ 2.0m
1.7 cm @ 1.0m

For smaller objects or greater viewing distances, please consult with us prior to your purchase.

Grasp computation time1 to 3 seconds (depending on object and scene)
Examples for latencies683 x 502 @ 250 ms
1024 x 752 @ 310 ms
2048 x 1504 @ 560 ms
4096 x 3008 @ 1100ms
Capturing modeOne-shot mode

Use Cases for CADMatch Machine Tending Software

Suitable Hardware for CADMatch

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