Our Portfolio in Action: See Our Robot Vision Solutions Live at automatica 2023

The World’s leading trade show for intelligent automation and robotics is just around the corner, and as the supplier of “Eyes and Brains for Your Robot”, we will be there!

As a pioneering provider of 3D stereo vision sensors and supporting grasp point identification software for robotic applications, we are a trusted technology partner of industry leaders. Bringing you the transformative power of Applied AI and 3D Stereo Vision for robotic applications, we are proud to announce our many live applications across the show floor, brought to you by our trusted partners at automatica 2023:

Our Bin Picking Applications at automatica 2023

One of our highlight exhibits is the collaboration in KUKA‘s Vision-Tool-Kit. Visitors are invited to join the team at booth A4.230, where they can witness first-hand how the integration of our AI-based object detection and scalable software platform enhance KUKA’s Smart-Bin-Picking software. The combination of these advanced technologies ensures unparalleled performance and exceptional results in bin-picking applications.

Furthermore, we are proud to showcase the ground-breaking rc_reason CADMatch software module in partnership with Franka Emika. Located at booth B4.421, Franka Emika presents a compact industrial production line that utilizes our sensor and software module to efficiently assemble customized bottle openers. The seamless integration of our solutions enables precise and reliable robot-guided assembly processes, empowering manufacturers to achieve greater productivity and flexibility.

At stand B4.320, visitors will find the impressive exhibit by Leverage Robotics GmbH, which showcases an elaborate bin-picking application utilizing their passive tooling system. What makes this exhibit truly exceptional is the integration of our sensor and not just one, but two of our smart rc_reason software modules. This powerful combination enables Leverage Robotics to demonstrate high-speed, accurate bin picking, enhancing productivity and reducing downtime for manufacturing operations.

Our Pick-And-Place Applications at automatica 2023

Our partner Matrix Vision is showcasing a vision guided pick-and-place application in the Balluff booth in hall B5.103. The cell consists of a KUKA robot that uses an rc_visard and the rc_reason BoxPick module to perform a task , in this case (de)palletizing of boxes. Our 3D stereo sensors and software modules are an easy-to-use addition to any robotic system and allow for highly flexible automation solutions.

Another must-visit demonstration awaits visitors at booth B6.231, where we collaborate with voraus robotik in an exciting pick-and-place application. Together with the renowned Fanuc SCARA robot and voraus robotik, we showcase a new level of ease-of-use in vision-guided robotics. Attendees will experience first-hand the simplicity and efficiency of the integrated solution, which streamlines operations and opens up new possibilities for various industrial sectors.

Finally, at the Schmalz booth (A5.303), get detailed information about the brand-new Pick Accelerator Solution Kit for high-speed picking. It’s designed for picking and packing unknown goods in the warehouse. We are proud to support this powerful bin picking solution with modern 3D sensor technology and the latest algorithms for grasp point determination.

Looking Forward to Show You the Power of Robot Vision

“We are thrilled to have so many real-world applications showcased by our esteemed partners at this prestigious trade show, demonstrating the power of our robot vision solutions,” says Michael Suppa, CEO. “These partnerships underscore our commitment to revolutionizing the automation industry and providing cutting-edge technologies that enable companies to achieve unparalleled flexibility, efficiency and scalability.”

Visit us at automatica 2023 from June 27th– 30th at the KUKA booth in A4.230. Our team will be available to provide in-depth demonstrations and answer any questions you may have about our innovative robot vision solutions. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the future of intelligent automation and experience first-hand how our technologies can transform your robotic application.