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Fast and Easy Drift-Free Navigation with SLAM Robot Navigation Software

The rc_reason SLAM Module enables the rc_visard to map its environment, to simultaneously estimate its current location and to recognize places. All of this is essential for drift-free navigation.

  • Precise mapping and pose estimation in 3D
  • Enables a recognition of previously visited locations
  • Drift-free: Online trajectory correction
  • Runs on board the rc_visard and rc_visard NG, no external hardware needed
  • Out-of-the-box: Easy installation and use
rc_reason SLAM mobile robot navigation software

Details about SLAM Robot Navigation Software

The rc_reason SLAM Module is an optional software component. It can be easily installed on-board any rc_visard and operated through the sensor’s standard interface. This software module allows any rc_visard to firstly map its environment and to secondly optimize its pose estimation through the recognition of revisited places.

The rc_reason SLAM module is an essential element for mobile navigation applications. Above all, it provides accurate and drift free localization without the need for GPS. We recommend to activate this add-on when mobile applications require longer robot trajectories within a confined area, including the return to previously visited locations.

Corrections are applied online to the rc_visard’s real-time estimates of its current pose as well as the complete past trajectory, which is also available for 2D/3D map generation.

In addition to that, the sensor has no restrictions to planar motion – free movement in 3D is fully supported.

Please note furthermore that you cannot use the SLAM module in combination with the FULL resolution stereo setting. Its use is restricted to LOW-MEDIUM-HIGH resolution, which is fully sufficient for typical mobile navigation applications.

Lastly, users can find an example program in our Github.

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