Roboception URCap Universal Robots+ certified

Roboception URCap

Easy Integration of Robot Vision with Universal Robots

Roboception URCap – Plug-and-Play Installation and Usage

The integration of our 3D Stereo Vision products with your Universal Robot is easy: We have developed the Roboception URCap that enables a plug-and-play installation and usage. This element is available for download free of charge (in our Knowledge Base) or can be delivered on a USB key.

Roboception’s URCap requires PolyScope version 3.12.0 (or higher) for CB-Series robots or version 5.6.0 (or higher) for E-Series robots.

What is a URCap?

A URCap serves as a Java-based plugin seamlessly integrated into PolyScope, the graphical programming interface designed for Universal Robots. Its purpose lies in expanding the capabilities of PolyScope, offering users the ability to craft user-friendly programming screens for configuring hardware or generating new programming templates tailored to tasks like packaging and remote management operations.

The primary components of a URCap comprise a setup screen known as the Installation Node and a multitude of program commands referred to as Program Nodes. These elements coexist with the built-in UR nodes, enabling users to configure both the robot program and its application in tandem. 

Installation Nodes typically handle general settings and the application environment, encompassing aspects like end-effectors, conveyors, and coordinate systems. On the other hand, Program Nodes execute specific commands at designated times or within a program sequence, such as moving to a specific position, closing a gripper, or relocating with a grasped object.

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