Roboception Launches the +Match Extension for BoxPick

The new +Match extension, combined with rc_reason BoxPick, supports the detection and identification of multiple rectangles with identical appearance. This groundbreaking enhancement is tailor-made for scenarios involving printed product packaging, labels, brochures, or books. Box-shaped objects defined by their dimensions are accurately identified, with the added flexibility to include rigid or flexible items.

Template-Based Detections for More Efficiency

An outstanding feature of +Match is its ability to generate templates based on the detected textured rectangles of known sizes. These templates can be reused for subsequent recognitions, each of which can store up to ten different “views” corresponding to different imprints or textures. This capability is invaluable in scenarios such as sorting stacks of magazines with identical dimensions but different imprints.

Versatile Applications with BoxPick

rc_reason BoxPick brings a range of capabilities to robotic pick-and-place applications, especially in de-/palletizing and sorting of packages. Here’s a snapshot of its features:

  • Reliable detection of flat, rectangular surfaces: The software ensures accurate and reliable identification of flat, rectangular surfaces, a critical aspect in various material handling scenarios.
  • Identification of size, position and orientation: BoxPick, enhanced by +Match, goes beyond simple detection to provide accurate information on the size, position and orientation of rectangular objects.
  • Compatibility with static and robot-mounted sensors: Whether using static or robot-mounted sensors, BoxPick+Match maintains its robust performance, ensuring flexibility in use.
  • Works with different grippers: The system is compatible with a variety of grippers, including suction and two-finger grippers, to meet different handling requirements.

Availability of BoxPick+Match

The +Match extension is available as a separate license, ensuring scalability and adaptability to different operational requirements. As part of the rc_reason software suite, it contributes to elevating robotic vision to unprecedented levels in material handling and beyond.

BoxPick depalletizing software detection result
BoxPick result: detection of rectangular objects
BoxPick+Match depalletizing software detection result
BoxPick+Match result: detection of rectangular objects with differentiated packagings (color-coded: red or blue outlines) and consistent orientation