Hardware Accessories for Robot Vision Solutions

Additional Hardware Accessories for Your Robot Vision Solution

For most robotic applications, the rc_visards with their onboard software are a suitable choice. 

However, in scenarios where optimized performance and minimal latency are essential, or for use with the rc_viscore, the rc_cube I Industrial Edge Computer comes into play. Designed specifically for use in industrial environments, it provides additional computing power to meet these unique requirements. And this computing power is not even exclusive to vision applications: With Roboception’s unique UserSpace functionality, users are able to deploy individual application-specific software as Docker containers directly on the vision hardware.

Although the rc_visards show excellent performance in consistently identifying and managing a wide variety of objects, their effectiveness is limited in scenarios where objects and/or environments lack significant texture. To address this, the rc_randomdot is added to increase scene density. As a result, it improves the accuracy of stereo matching in situations where the inherent texture of the scene is minimal.

Both hardware accessories for robot vision solutions are are perfect addition to serve your individual application.

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