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Useful Software Tools for Robot Vision Solutions

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Useful Software Enhancements for Your Robot Vision Solution

Roboception offers a variety of useful software tools for robot vision solutions that help to further optimize your applications.

SGM®Producer illustration


The SGM®Producer is an add-on software element that significantly speeds up the depth image computation by utilizing the computing power of an external host computer’s graphics card (GPU) for stereo matching.

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The integration of our robot vision products with your UR robot is easy: Our URCap enables a plug-and-play installation for use with cobots from Universal Robots.


The Ethernet KRL Interface (EKI Bridge) allows communicating with our robot vision products from KUKA KRL via KUKA.EthernetKRL XML. It enables the use of all onboard modules from KUKA KSS controllers without any external IPC.

IOControl Modul Illustration


With the IOControl module, the digital GPIOs of the rc_visard can be set and read out. The status of the inputs are read in the middle of the image exposure time and delivered with every image.

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