Roboception at ERF 2023 in Odense

Some traditions should be preserved: Roboception has been involved with euRobotics‘s European Robotics Forum since the companies’ foundation in 2015. This year’s European Robotics Forum was hosted in Odense and our CEO Dr. Michael Suppa was given the opportunity to contribute in various ways – starting with our own workshop ‘Good Data in Agile Production, Logistics and Lab Automation’, which was an extremely fruitful and rewarding experience.

With over 70 perception enthusiasts in the room, we were able to discuss multiple aspects of how the robotics industry can best make use of the latest innovations, e.g. in 3D vision and AI, in order to further move towards agile production and logistics environments. These discussions provided a significant amount of insight and food for thought that will surely help all of us when preparing the next steps in making robots both safe and flexible workplace companions.

Michael also presented at two more workshops in Odense: ‘Scaling Robotics in European Manufacturing’ and ‘Hybrid Production Systems Pt. 2’.

A big thank you goes to all the workshop participants as well as our fellow organizers and hosts:

Prof. Markus Vincze | Technical Unversity Vienna, Austria

Radhika Gudipati | Ocado Technology, UK

Dr. Patrick Courtney | tec-connection, UK

Silvia Grätz | EIT Manufacturing, Germany

Sotiris Makris | LMS, University of Patras, Greece