Your Detection Software for Machine Tending etc. - with Flat Objects

Fast and Easy Detection of Flat Objects with User-Generated Templates

The rc_reason SilhouetteMatch machine tending software module detects the position and orientation of relatively flat objects that are positioned on a plane, by matching the current scene to a previously taught template. Increased usability enables users to generate templates through the web interface by uploading a DXF-file of the object.

  • Detection of shallow objects, calculation of their 3D pose
  • Automatic and flexible detection of the base plane
  • Works with static and robot-mounted sensors
  • On-board data processing: No need for external hardware
SilhouetteMatch Machine Tending Software

Details about SilhouetteMatch

The rc_reason SilhouetteMatch module is an optional software component that users can easily activated on board of any rc_visard or on the rc_cube and operated through the standard interface. It enables our 3D stereo sensors to detect relatively flat objects lying on a planar surface in unmixed scenes. Particularly, the 3D position and orientation of each object is determined.

The rc_reason SilhouetteMatch machine tending software module requires a template of the objects that are to be detected. Users can easily generate these templates in the web interface by uploading a DXF file.

SilhouetteMatch Machine Tending Software
rc_reason SilhouetteMatch

The rc_reason SilhouetteMatch module automatically detects the base plane of the scene at hand, which is then stored on the rc_visard in order to be occluded during the sensing operation. Typical applications include machine tending or emptying load carriers of several (separated) layers of objects.

With the latest extension, SilhouetteMatch can now also be used for destacking e.g. sheets of metal. In this case, the object closest to the camera is detected as relevant plane and no base plane calibration is required.

Depending on scene/ object complexity, and especially when the base plane is detected using the point cloud, coupling the module with an rc_randomdot projector is advisable.

Additional Information about the SilhouetteMatch Machine Tending Software

Hardware requirementsAny compatible 3D stereo sensor (plus rc_cube as needed)
On-board installation, no additional hardware required
If using plane estimation via point cloud: RandomDot Projector and IOControl Module
Robotic system equipped with grasping device
Grasp computation time 1 to 3 seconds (depending on object and scene)
Capturing mode One-shot mode

Suitable Components for the SilhouetteMatch Machine Tending Software

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