Improved Danfoss Kitting Cell: More Reliable Operations at Reduced Cycle Times

Following their positive experiences with Roboception’s solutions in previous projects, Danfoss Drives A/S turned to us again, when they needed to improve an automated kitting set-up. In the cell, a KUKA robot picks a variety of components directly from the supplier’s pallets and compiles them into differing trays. The initial 2D camera solution proved to be insufficient, causing “far too much downtime and engineering effort […], and the cycle time wasn’t great either,” according to Morten Hansen, Manufacturing Technology Engineer at Danfoss Drives A/S.

Read more on how “with Roboception’s vision solution, we [Danfoss] were able to add a third dimension into our process,” significantly  increasing both, the cell’s robustness and overall cycle times, and/or watch a video showcasing the cell’s impressive performance.

automated kitting cell in factory with robot vision system by Roboception