voraus robotik and Roboception: Flexible Automation of Tomorrow

Implementing vision-based and flexible automation solutions such as bin-picking is now much easier, even without programming and vision expertise. Hannover-based voraus robotik GmbH, developer of the agnostic operating system voraus.core, and Roboception combine application-oriented 3D perception with a generic robot operating system. Users can now intuitively program robots via a no-code interface that provides a direct interface to our 3D vision solutions.

Flexible Automation Made Easy

This collaboration aims to simplify the implementation of flexible vision-based automation solutions. “By integrating Roboception’s leading hardware and application-oriented software into our voraus.core, we can now also provide access to a vision component that is indispensable for many future-oriented robotic applications,” says Dr. Jens Kotlarski, CEO of voraus robotik.

Dr. Michael Suppa, CEO of Roboception, adds: “Intuitive usability and high efficiency are at the top of our product development agenda. Thanks to the coupling with voraus.core, the programming and operation of the robots will now be much more convenient. Our vision solutions will be even easier to use with a wide range of robots”.

See for Yourself at automatica 2023

At the FANUC booth (B6.231) at automatica 2023, we will exclusively demonstrate a pick-and-place application with a SCARA robot. The installation will show how flexible robotics can work today. The SCARA robot is controlled by the modern robot operating system voraus.core. It recognizes different objects in a mixed scenario, grasps the desired object and then hands it to the trade show visitor. The object recognition and the identification of the gripping points are performed with Roboception’s 3D Stereo Vision. The solution comprises an rc_visard 160 m mounted above the work area and corresponding standard software components from the rc_reason portfolio.

Thanks to voraus.core, users can easily implement such applications without any programming effort or prior experience in robot vision. The operating system gives each robot unlimited functionality and ease of use. This certainly allows users to intuitively control the robots via a no-code interface. Furthermore, the integration process into various applications works seamlessly.

Flexible and User-Friendly Automation Solutions

The integration of Roboception’s 3D vision solutions into the new system opens up a wide range of additional application possibilities for users. Reliable environment detection and precise recognition and localization of objects of any kind form the basis for modern automation solutions in industry and logistics, such as pick-and-place and pick-from-bin applications. The interface to Roboception is therefore an important part of voraus.core, since vision components play an increasingly important role in modern automation.

Users of Roboception’s 3D vision solutions benefit twice from this innovation. By standardizing and simplifying the interfaces to numerous common robot models, such as the FANUC SCARA, via the robot-agnostic voraus.core, programming and operation is made easier. The voraus.core can be run in the individual UserSpace on Roboception’s industrial edge computer, the rc_cube. Consequently only a single computing resource needs to be purchased even for complex applications.