Eyes and Brains for Your Robot

Roboception offers innovative 3D vision hardware and software solutions that enable any robotic system to reliably perceive its environment in real-time.


Intuitive and flexible, Roboception’s perception solutions
reliably close the perception-action-loop.

Sense. Reason. Act.

The end-to-end Applied AI solutions go “from pixel to action”, enabling any robotic system to perceive and assess its environment, and to plan and execute actions, e.g. pick-and-place objects.


The rc_visard sensor family enables robots to generate and process time and location-related data in real time.


The rc_reason software suite comprises modular enhacements of the rc_visard’s basic on-board software package.


“Roboception Literally Became Part of Our Development Team”

When TGW Logistics Group was tasked to develop a system for automated item picking, they chose two rc_visard 160 as their vision component. In addition, Roboception delivered an individual software solution, specifically tailored to the perceptions tasks at hand.

The result – the award-winning “PickCenter Rovolution” – is a true game-changer!

Read TGW’s feedback on our collaboration in this exciting project…

“… Takes Our Software to a Whole New Level”

With a very extensive list list of requirements, RG Technologies, a leading provider of high-performing industrial cutting systems, looked for a reliable vision solution to detect the contours of leather pieces as well as marked faults and quality zones.

And – although their application does not even include any robots (!) – they found their perfect solution using our rc_visard 160.

Read about the new competitive edge for RG Technologies’ solutions…


Aug 2020

Roboception’s Perception Solutions Highlighted by EU Innovation Radar

Our perception solutions have been highlighted by the European Commission's Innovation Radar as an excellent, market-ready innovation that has benefited from EU Funding – in this case from the Horizon 2020 project THOMAS, in which we developed ...

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posted by:

Mareike Suppa



Jun 2020

Early Access Program Launched: First Users Start Testing as Roboception’s rc_reason CADMatch Module Approaches Release

The countdown is running: Roboception will release the rc_reason CADMatch Module later this year. And while the company’s perception experts are still completing final touches on this software, an Early Access Program is ...

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posted by:

Mareike Suppa



Jun 2020

‘Put More Pixels in the Bin’: rc_visard monochrome with 6 mm Lenses Now Available Off-the-Shelf

What was initially a customer-specific solution is now available as a standard product: The rc_visard 160 m-6 is now ready for order in

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posted by:

Mareike Suppa



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