Eyes and Brains for Your Robot

Roboception offers innovative 3D vision hardware and software solutions that enable any robotic system to reliably perceive its environment in real-time.


Intuitive and flexible, Roboception’s perception solutions
reliably close the perception-action-loop.

Sense. Reason. Act.

The end-to-end Applied AI solutions go “from pixel to action”, enabling any robotic system to perceive and assess its environment, and to plan and execute actions, e.g. pick-and-place objects.


The rc_visard sensor family enables robots to generate and process time and location-related data in real time.


The rc_reason software suite comprises modular enhacements of the rc_visard’s basic on-board software package.


“Roboception Literally Became Part of Our Development Team”

When TGW Logistics Group was tasked to develop a system for automated item picking, they chose two rc_visard 160 as their vision component. In addition, Roboception delivered an individual software solution, specifically tailored to the perceptions tasks at hand.

The result – the award-winning “PickCenter Rovolution” – is a true game-changer!

Read TGW’s feedback on our collaboration in this exciting project…

“… Takes Our Software to a Whole New Level”

With a very extensive list list of requirements, RG Technologies, a leading provider of high-performing industrial cutting systems, looked for a reliable vision solution to detect the contours of leather pieces as well as marked faults and quality zones.

And – although their application does not even include any robots (!) – they found their perfect solution using our rc_visard 160.

Read about the new competitive edge for RG Technologies’ solutions…


Oct 2020

Not a Vision Expert? Not a Problem! Machine Tending (and More) Made Easy

The rc_reason CADMatch Module is now ready to order in our webshop. Enable your robotic system to reliably ...

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posted by:

Mareike Suppa



Aug 2020

Roboception’s Perception Solutions Highlighted by EU Innovation Radar

Our perception solutions have been highlighted by the European Commission's Innovation Radar as an excellent, market-ready innovation that has benefited from EU Funding – in this case from the Horizon 2020 project THOMAS, in which we developed ...

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Mareike Suppa



Jun 2020

Early Access Program Launched: First Users Start Testing as Roboception’s rc_reason CADMatch Module Approaches Release

The countdown is running: Roboception will release the rc_reason CADMatch Module later this year. And while the company’s perception experts are still completing final touches on this software, an Early Access Program is ...

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Mareike Suppa



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