rc_visard joins (simulated) Space Exploration Mission

Last month, the rc_visard was part of a Planetary Exploration Mission – or rather, the simulation of one: As part of the ARCHES project, the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and its partners including the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and European Space Agency (ESA) took a small fleet of robots to the Italian Mount Etna volcano in order to simulate robotic exploration and experiments as the project’s ‘Demo Mission Space’.

Mounted on the DLR’s Lightweight Rover Unit (LRU), the rc_visard was used e.g. to reliably localize scientific instruments and tools, and for the rover’s internal environment modelling.

Roboception is an industry partner of the ARCHES project. This Helmholtz Future Project  is the development of heterogeneous, autonomous and interconnected robotic systems in a consortium of the Helmholtz Centers DLR, AWI, GEOMAR and KIT, with future fields of application spanning from the environmental monitoring of the oceans over technical crisis intervention to the exploration of our solar system. For more information on this mission, the project’s Deep Sea Demo Mission and the overall project, visit the ARCHES Project Website…

All images are © DLR.