ERF Workshop 2016: Believing in Robot’s Eyes – Robust Observation of Task Relevant Cues


Dr. Michael SUPPA, Roboception GmbH, Germany

Prof. Darius BURSCHKA, Technical University of Munich, Germany.

Prof Achim J. LILIENTHAL, University of Orebro, Sweden

Motivation and Objectives

Perception is the key technology allowing automatic adaptation of the system operation to the environment and robust operation of systems under presence of model or hardware errors. Perception data is used by multiple processing steps for navigation, planning and interaction with other agents. However, sensor readings are prone to errors, ambiguities, bad illumination, limited range and sampling rate, and many other problems. The workshop will deal with approaches to increase robustness of the processing pipeline and to increase the reliability of sensory data in order to enable autonomous operation of robots without a human in the loop.

Agenda of the workshop:

14:00 – 14:10:   Introduction of the moderators/Definition of key questions

14:10 – 14:20: “Perception under Bad Illumination in Disaster Scenarios”, Prof. Achim Lilienthal, University of Örebro.

14:20 – 14:30:  “Perception in On-Orbit Servicing”, Martin Lingenauber, German Aerospace Center.

14:30 – 14:40: “Novel Perception Paradigms to Understand the Dynamic World”, Prof. Darius Burschka, Technical University of Munich.

14:40 – 14:50: “RoboSherlock: A Knowledge Based, Task-adaptable Perception Framework”, Ferenc Balint-Benczedi, University of Bremen.

14:50 – 15:00: “Robust Perception for Industrial Applications”, Dr. Michael Suppa, CEO, Roboception GmbH.

15:00 – 15:20: Discussion of the key questions and their implication on the roadmapping process

15:20 – 15:30: Conclusion for roadmapping and take home messages