Roboception Vision Solutions Now Part of the Franka Ecosystem

Great news for 2023:  Franka Production 3 and Franka Research 3 robots can now be enhanced by Roboception’s ‘Eyes and Brains for Robots’. Roboception’s vision solutions are part of the Franka ecosystem. Highly efficient pick-and-place applications, machine tending, bin picking or (de)palletizing have just become that much easier for your most recent Franka robots. For the quick and easy integration of Roboception‘s rc_visard 3D stereo sensor and innovative rc_reason software modules, Franka provides easy-to-use apps for the Desk software.

rc_visard owners that want to use a Franka robot of the latest generation can simply purchase the license for the Roboception Apps and download them via the Franka World. We recommend to also update the rc_visard with the latest firmware.

If you do not have an rc_visard yet, just contact us via

Watch Franka’s video about the cooperation: