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rc_reason TagDetect Module

The rc_reason TagDetect Module enables any rc_visard to rapidly detect QR codes and AprilTags. This capability is highly useful for the reliable detection of objects, e.g. in pick-and-place applications.

  • Identification and localization of labelled objects
  • Reliable localization of a sensor in 3D space
  • Time-efficient: Detection time is less than one second
  • On-board data processing: No external hardware required
  • Out-of-the-box: Easy installation and operation
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The rc_reason TagDetect Module is an optional software component that can be easily activated on-board any rc_visard and operated through the sensor’s standard interface. It enables a robust detection of QR codes and AprilTags. In addition, it calculates the 3D position and orientation of each tag relative to the sensor.

The rc_reason TagDetect Module is a fundamental component for the efficient identification and manipulation of labelled objects, e.g. in pick-and-place applications. Further, it can significantly facilitate mobile applications as the rc_visard can localize itself in space using pre-installed QR codes or AprilTags as a reference.

A detection time of less than one second and the capability to detect multiple codes or tags in one shot make applications time-efficient.

Downloads and Links

rc_visard product documentation: chapter TagDetect (html) – EN
rc_visard complete product documentation (.pdf) – EN

Download AprilTags here

Create QR Codes online here and offline here (open source)

Additional information

Hardware requirements

Any rc_visard
On-board installation, no additional hardware required

Tag size requirements

Min. size of each tag module:
QR code: 6 px
AprilTag: 5 px

Supported AprilTag families

16h5, 25h7, 25h9, 36h10, 36h11

Capturing mode

one-shot mode

Detection time

< 1 second

AprilTag precision (at 30 cm)

Lateral: 0.4 mm
Z axis rc_visard 65: 0.9 mm
Z axis rc_visard 160: 0.8 mm

AprilTag precision (at 1 m)

Lateral: 0.7 mm
Z axis rc_visard 65, 160: 3.3 mm

QR-Code precision (at 30 cm)

Lateral: 0.6 mm
Z axis rc_visard 65: 2.0 mm
Z axis rc_visard 160: 1.3 mm

QR-Code precision (at 1 m)

Lateral: 2.6 mm
Z axis rc_visard 65: 15 mm
Z axis rc_visard 160: 7.9 mm