rc_cube I Supports Multiple Sensors AND Your Own Software Components

Today’s complex robot vision applications can require reliable high-speed processing/ low latencies, the parallel use of multiple sensors, a seamless integration of user-owned software elements within the vision pipeline – or even all of these, and more, in a single use case. At the same time, space is limited and hardware must be fit for the day-to-day use in industrial environments.

Good news: We’ve got you covered.

rc_cube Industrial Edge Computer Specs

The rc_cube I, our industrial edge computer, optimizes the capabilities for our rc_reason software modules and features a UserSpace for the deployment of your own software components – so you will only need this one computer in your cell.

It supports up to four sensors (not limited to our own 3D stereo sensors, you could also include e.g. a Basler blaze) that can be operated in parallel to cover different parts of the scene. Each has ist individual settings and vision pipeline, while your configured regions of interest, load carriers, grippers and templates are shared across all pipelines.