Eyes and Brains for Your Robot

Robot Vision Made Easy.

Roboception provides 'Eyes and Brains for Your Robot'. Our easy-to-use perception solutions for robotic applications offer a variety of benefits to users:

Unique 3D stereo vision hardware for plug-and-produce machine vision

AppliedAI software solutions for reliable detection results

Comprehensive process knowledge for effective vision consulting

True flexibility thanks to integrated UserSpace

Versatile, modular and scalable portfolio

Secure flexibility thanks to edge computing

Robot Vision is the key to a more flexible use of robotic systems.

A robotic system must be able to reliably perceive its environment and workspace, in order for tasks, workpieces and constraints to be modified and adapted rapidly.

In addition, robot vision enables pick-and-place applications just as well as an efficient (de)palletizing or precise machine tending.

Sounds complicated? It isn’t!

You have a solid expertise in robotics, yet little (or no) experience with vision systems?

Our intuitve user interfaces enable even non-experts to define the necessary parameters (workspace, load carrier, gripper) with just a few mouse clicks, and to deliver task-relevant information (such as grasp points) to their robot.

As we deliver hardware (stereo sensor) and software (application-specific software modules) from a one-stop-shop source, the often rather complex integration of camera and software becomes obsolete.

Sounds expensive? It isn’t!

Our vision solutions come at four-digit starting prices – a comparably small add-on investment to your robot, that makes a big difference: Your robot becomes flexible!

'Eyes and Brains for Your Robot' sounds good? Yes, it does!

automated kitting cell in factory with robot vision system by Roboception

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Our Portfolio Provides 'Eyes and Brains for Your Robot'

3D Stereo Vision by Roboception

3D Stereo Vision Sensors and Platforms

  • Smart 3D stereo sensors
  • 3D stereo vision platforms
  • High-resolution 3D stereo sensors

rc_reason CADMatch machine tending

Applied AI Software Suite rc_reason

  • Modular software suite
  • Plug-and-produce approach
  • Provides task-relevant information

rc_cube Industrial Edge Computer

Accessories for 3D Robot Vision

  • Optimize performance
  • Decrease latency
  • Improve scene density and texture

Software Tools for 3D Robot Vision

  • Specialized robot interfaces
  • GPIO control
  • Stereo matching on external GPUs

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