Smarter than ever!

The flexible vision platform rc_visard NG opens up new possibilities for robotics integrators and end users to take full advantage of image processing solutions in their automation endeavors.

The smart 3D stereo sensor allows the easy integration of proven software solutions with application-specific additions. The ‘next generation’ of the rc_visard is powered by today’s most advanced embedded AI solution, the NVIDIA® Jetson Orin™ series.

rc_visard NG Vision Platform

Flexibility Through Modularity

Platforms for robot vision are based on modular concepts, building blocks and platform technologies to provide users with better integration processes and ultimately more stable and flexible solutions. Based on the three levels of (1) hardware, (2) vendor software and (3) customer-specific software, users can design tailored vision solutions for functional applications.

As a highly flexible robot vision platform, the rc_visard NG is the first to unite all three levels on one sensor. Without additional hardware or external computing power, the rc_visard NG delivers powerful robot vision right on the edge in one single device.

Plug-and-Produce Machine Vision

rc_visard NG users do not need any expertise or prior experience in machine vision: Thanks to its user-friendly web interface, the rc_visard NG can be used intuitively and the installation effort is reduced to a minimum.

The rc_visard NG can also be connected and configured via Rest-API, ROS, OPC UA and GenICam.

True Flexibility: UserSpace on Board

The UserSpace feature allows users to deploy custom software directly on Roboception’s sensor hardware through Docker containers.

The UserSpace is highly useful for collision-free motion planning, Industry 4.0 applications, vision pipelines, or application programs – all while preventing users from having to purchase additional hardware to run those individual software tools.

REST-API and gRPC interfaces can be used within the UserSpace to obtain grasp points and image data, giving access to all activated rc_reason modules and connected sensors.

All rc_reason Modules on the Sensor

The rc_reason suite of software modules is an advanced AppliedAI solution designed for robotic applications:

Users select the plug-and-produce software module that best fits their individual needs, and with just a few mouse clicks, the rc_visard NG provides task-relevant information such as grasp points. Any additional software elements can be included via the platform’s UserSpace.

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    rc_visard NG Hardware Features and Specifications

    The rc_visard NG combines the high-performance rc_reason software suite with the UserSpace, which allows users to deploy their own software in Docker containers – directly on the sensor. This smart vision platform is powered by the high-performance NVIDIA® Jetson Orin™ series, the most advanced embedded AI solution for robot vision on the market. Designed to perform most powerfully and power-efficiently, this small AI computer can be housed directly in the sensor hardware, making the rc_visard NG smarter than ever!

    Technical Specifications

    rc_visard NG
    GPU/CPU Nvidia® Jetson Orin™ Nano 8 GB
    Base distance 160 mm
    Focal length (lenses) 6 mm
    Image resolution 1440 x 1080 Pixel (1.6 MPixel)
    Field of view horizontal 43°
    vertical 33°
    Depth measurement range* 0.5 m – 3.0 m
    Workspace 0.5 m distance 0.24 m x 0.30 m
    1.0 m distance 0.64 m x 0.60 m
    2.0 m distance 1.44 m x 1.20 m
    3.0 m distance 2.24 m x 1.80 m
    Depth resolution 0.5 m distance 0.05 mm
    1.0 m distance 0.2 mm
    2.0 m distance 0.9 mm
    3.0 m distance 2.0 mm
    Depth image resolution & FPS 0.5 m distance High: 720 x 540 @ 7.4 Hz (latency: 230 ms)
    Medium: 360 x 270 @ 25.0 Hz (latency: 70 ms)
    Low: 240 x 180 @ 25.0 Hz (latency: 50 ms)
    1.14 m distance Full: 1440 x 1080 @ 3.0 Hz (latency: 530 ms)
    High: 720 x 540 @ 16.1 Hz (latency: 170 ms)
    Medium: 360 x 270 @ 25.0 Hz (latency: 70 ms)
    Low: 240 x 180 @ 25.0 Hz (latency: 50 ms)
    Power supply 18-30 V
    Protection class IP54
    Cooling Passiv
    Temperature range (Celsius) 0°C – 45°C
    Size (LxHxW in mm) 230 x 75 x 85 mm
    Weight 979 g

    *In principle, the rc_visard NG can measure infinite ranges.  However, the accuracy is decreasing quadratically due to the stereo method, which is why we recommend the measurement range stated above.


    The complete product documentation of the rc_visard NG is available online.


    Roboception offers tools for easy and efficient interfacing and operation of the rc_visard NG.


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