rc_reason BoxPick in Action: "Our Customer is Very Impressed."

Of course, bricks aren’t exactly boxes – nonetheless, their rectangular shape is what makes them ideal for a successful application of Roboception’s BoxPick solution: In this newly released use case, learn how Kautenburger GmbH (Germany) implemented a vision component for Refrectarios Kelsen S.A. (Spain) that supports the automated de-palletizing of oven bricks from wagons, nevermind the fact that these bricks come in 100+ different shapes and sizes, and tend to change shape and position ever so slightly throughout their production process.

Read how a seemingly simple and cost-efficient modification, flawlessly implemented, reduced the cycle time for a pick-and-place from 18 to nine seconds and hence allows for more efficient handling.

Industrial robot picks bricks from a waggon by making use of a robot vision system installed above the scene