Roboception is a 'Keystone Partner' in the iiQKA Ecosystem

The iiQKA Vision Provider

For its iiQKA Ecosystem, KUKA relies on Roboception as its ‘Keystone Partner’ and provider of reliable 3D vision solutions.

Our plug-and-play 3D stereo sensor and application-specific software products with their highly intuitive interfaces and high level of compatibility are fully in line with KUKA’s ambition to make automation easily accessible for everyone.

"The system is more than the sum of its parts..."

In a panel discussion on the occasion of the iiQKA launch during Hannover Messe 2021, Roboception CEO Dr. Michael Suppa and other Keystone Partners discuss the benefits that a smart ecosystem has – first and foremost for the robot users, but for robot and component suppliers as well – with Dr. Kristina Wagner, Vice President Corporate Research & Director RoX Program at KUKA.


Easy, intuitive, reliable: KUKA’s iiQKA Ecosystem

With its iiQKA Ecosystem, KUKA aims to provide a powerful network of intelligent automation solutions that enable manufacturing companies to meet the challenges of tomorrow. With iiQKA, KUKA brings its own digital ecosystem to the field of robotics – aiming to make automation quicker, easier and more intuitive for everyone. READ MORE…

Just as easy, intuitive, reliable: Our Robot Vision

You’d like to see for yourself how easy it is to provide your robot with ‘eyes and brains’? Even without prior experience in robot vision, we promise that you’ll be able to provide task-relevant information (such as grasp points) to your robot with just a few mouseclicks.

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