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The rc_viscore is a high-resolution IP54-protected 3D stereo sensor with an integrated rc_randomdot pattern projector. It provides 12Megapixel (MP) camera images and uniquely accurate depth, confidence and error images. It is particularly suited for the more complex automation tasks, such as the detection of small parts in larger workspaces – i.e. whenever high-quality image processing is required.

  • Especially suitable for challenging bin picking applications
  • Perfect fit for applications in industrial automation and logistics
  • Compact and resilient, designed for industrial environments
  • Unprecedented resolution of 12 MP


The reliable detection of small parts has never been easier!

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The rc_viscore is a high-resolution IP54-protected 3D stereo sensor for robotic applications with an integrated rc_randomdot pattern projector. The  stereo camera provides 12Megapixel (MP) camera images and (in combination with an rc_cube or the SGM®Producer) depth, confidence and error images, enabling the detection of even small parts with high accuracy. The integrated rc_randomdot projector allows for dense depth images even for objects/scenes with low texture.

In combination with the rc_cube, the rc_viscore provides the image data for object detection and grasp computation applications, e.g. in industrial automation and logistics applications. Providing exceptionally high resolution images, the rc_viscore is the ideal 3D stereo sensor even for complex robotic applications. It is compatible with all rc_reason software modules.

The scope of delivery for an rc_viscore includes a large CalibrationGrid, two 10 m Gigabit ethernet network cables and a 10 m power cable with an M12 connector and one open end, and the SGM®Producer software library (download), which is required for operating the rc_viscore with a computing resource other than the rc_cube.

Please note that the rc_viscore requires two Gigabit Ethernet Connectors.
The rc_viscore can only be operated in conjunction with an rc_cube or a comparable industrial PC. Please note that for use with a PC other than the rc_cube, use of the SGM®Producer (included) is required.
For use with an rc_cube S, we recommend a switch. The switch must be unmanaged and must provide a 2,5 GBit port for connection with the rc_cube S. An example of a suitable switch is the TPLink TL-SG105-M2.

Downloads and Links


rc_viscore QuickStart Guide (.pdf)
rc_viscore product documentation (html)
rc_visard product documentation (.pdf)

Please VISIT THE DOWNLOAD SECTION for the sensor’s CAD data.

Additional information


210 mm

Mono / Color




Field of View

Horizontal: 47° Vertical: 35°

Image Resolution & FPS

4112 x 3008 pixels @ 9 Hz


670 mm x 640 mm @ 1.0 m
1550 mm x 1280 mm 2.0 m
2430 mm x 1920 mm @ 3.0 m
3310 mm x 2560 mm @ 4.0 m

Depth Resolution

0.1 mm @ 1.0 m
0.5 mm @ 2.0 m
1.2 mm @ 3.0 m
2.0 mm @ 4.0 m

Depth Image Resolution & FPS

4096 x 3008 pixels (Full) @ 2.8 Hz (Nvidia RTX2070)
2048 x 1504 pixels (High) @ 4.6 Hz (Nvidia RTX2070)
1024 x 752 pixels (Medium) @ 9 Hz (Nvidia RTX2070)
683 x 502 pixels (Low) @ 9 Hz (Nvidia RTX2070)


M12, 8 Pin, A-coded (power) and 2x X-coded (network)


262 mm x 204 mm x 82 mm (w x d x h)


1640 g

Power Supply

24 V, 48 W

Temperature Range

0 °C – 45 °C (passive cooling)

Protection Class


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