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rc_cube S Edge Computer

The rc_cube S is the perfect companion for your rc_visard: The edge computer increases the performance of the rc_reason modules and is particularly useful for applications in which high-speed processing is required.

  • Edge computer increases performance and minimizes latency
  • Suitable for all ‘stationary’ applications (not for navigation)
  • No change in WebGUI/ user experience compared to your rc_visard
  • Plug-and-play installation, easy maintenance


Note that an rc_cube is a mandatory accessory for the rc_reason CADMatch Module.

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While the rc_visards with their on-board software are perfectly suitable for most robotic operations, some applications require a maximized performance and/ or minimized latency. The rc_cube S edge computer delivers this additional work power:

It supports all rc_visard/ rc_reason modules with the exception of dynamic applications (i.e. navigation) and enables e.g. running the stereo matching processes with 25 Hz. (12.5 Hz. for full-resolution stereo). The latency of the ItemPick and BoxPick Modules is reduced to only 250-450 milliseconds.

The rc_cube S edge computer can be combined with any rc_visard, monochrome and color. It offers the same user experience (identical user and programming interface) as the rc_visard, and is simply plugged in between the sensor and the application. No adjustments within the application are required.

Like the rc_visard itself, installation, maintenance and updates are easy to do. Note that the rc_cube S comes with 24 months of software updates, after that, software updates are available at € 950 per year (from year 3).

The rc_cube S is suitable for research, development and testing environments. It supports one sensor without additional hardware. A separate 2.5G switch (not part of the product scope) enables the support of two rc_visards at a time. For operational use in an industrial environment, or to support up to four sensors, please make sure to use an rc_cube I.

Please note that an rc_cube is a mandatory accessory for the rc_reason CADMatch Module.

Downloads and Links

rc_cube product documentation (html)

rc_cube product documentation (.pdf)

Technical hardware specifications (.pdf)


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