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ItemPick Bundle for UR

The integration of our ItemPick application on your UR robot* is now easy. We have developed a URCap that enables a plug-and-play installation and usage.

DOWNLOAD URCap and view the tutorial…

We recommend to enhance the capabilities of your UR robot* with our ItemPick application by purchasing the following items as a bundle (and receive a price discount compared to buying them individually):

*requires PolyScope version 3.7.0 (or higher) for CB-Series robots or version 5.2.0 (or higher) for E-Series robots.

It is also possible to include the RandomDot Projector and the corresponding IOControl Module in your order (optional).

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Additional information

RandomDot Projector

Illumination mode

Continuous or strobe mode


White light, 5500 K +-500 K

Power supply

24 V, 60 W


M12, 5 contacts


400 g


83 mm (diameter) x 180 mm (incl. lens)

Temperature range

0°C – 40°C (passive cooling)

Protection class


Y-cable (included)

8p male to 5p.fem + 8p.fem 0,3m

Lens (included)

12,5 mm c-mount lens


Hardware requirements

Any rc_visard
On-board installation

Reading inputs

State of digital general purpose inputs sampled in the middle of every image

Controlling outputs

Modes: Low / High, ExposureActive, ExposureAlternateActive