Taking 3D Stereo Vision to the Next Level

The rc_viscore is a high-resolution IP54-protected 3D stereo sensor.

Offering an unprecedented resolution of 12 MP, it is especially suited for bin picking applications in industrial automation and logistics which require high-quality image processing.

rc_viscore 3D Stereo Sensor

The rc_viscore is a high-resolution IP54-protected 3D stereo sensor with an integrated rc_randomdot pattern projector. It provides 12 Megapixel (MP) camera images and uniquely accurate depth, confidence and error images. It is particularly suited for the more complex automation tasks, such as the detection of small parts in larger workspaces – i.e. whenever high-quality image processing is required.

The scope of delivery for an rc_viscore includes a large CalibrationGrid, two 10 m Gigabit ethernet network cables and a 10 m power cable with an M12 connector and one open end, and the SGM®Producer software library.

The modules of the rc_reason software suite optimize the sensor’s performance for specific applications.

rc_viscore accessories

The rc_cube I is the industrial edge computer ideally suited for use with the rc_viscore: It processes the camera images and delivers the point cloud as well as depth, confidence and error images.

Any selected rc_reason module runs aboard the the rc_cube, and its UserSpace enables a seamless integration of user-owned software elements.

rc_viscore Technical Specifications

Base distance 210 mm
Mono / Color Monochrome
Shutter Global
Field of view horizontal 47 °
vertical 35 °
Image Resolution & FPS 4112 x 3008 pixels @ 9 Hz
Depth Range (recommended) Examples of possible depth ranges of the rc_viscore with 3.4 Gbytes of GPU memory (rc_cube):
Full depth quality: 0.89 m to 1.00 m, 1.60 m to 2.00 m, 2.18 m to 3.00 m, 2.65 m to 4.00 m
High depth quality: 0.52 m to 1.00 m, 0.66 m to 2.00 m, 0.75 m to 3.00 m, 0.80 m to 4.00 m, 1.00 m to infinity
Medium and low depth quality: 0.52 m up to infinity
Workspace 670 mm x 640 mm @ 1.0 m
1550 mm x 1280 mm 2.0 m
2430 mm x 1920 mm @ 3.0 m
3310 mm x 2560 mm @ 4.0 m
Depth resolution 1.0 m 0.1 mm
2.0 m 0.5 mm
3.0 m 1.2 mm
4.0 m 2.0 mm
Depth image resolution & FPS 4096 x 3008 pixels (Full) @ 2.8 Hz (Nvidia RTX2070)
2048 x 1504 pixels (High) @ 4.6 Hz (Nvidia RTX2070)
1024 x 752 pixels (Medium) @ 9 Hz (Nvidia RTX2070)
683 x 502 pixels (Low) @ 9 Hz (Nvidia RTX2070)
Connectors M12, 8 Pin, A-coded (power) and 2x X-coded (network)
Dimensions 262 mm x 204 mm x 82 mm (w x d x h)
Weight 24 V, 48 W
Protection class IP54
Cooling Passive
Temperature range (Celsius) 0°C – 45°C


The complete product documentation of the rc_viscore is available online.


Roboception offers tools for easy and efficient operation of the rc_viscore.

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