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The rc_reason suite of software modules is an advanced AppliedAI solution designed for robotic applications:

Users select the plug-and-play software module that best fits their individual requirement, and with just a few mouse clicks, the rc_visard delivers task-relevant information such as grasp points.

rc_reason Software Suite

All rc_visards and rc_cubes come with the same comprehensive on-board software package.

It can be further enhanced with the modular rc_reason software suite,  in order to optimize performance for specific robotic applications. rc_reason components can be easily activated on-board any rc_visard, and intuitively operated through the sensor’s standard user interface.



The rc_reason CADMatch Module enables a robotic system to reliably detect, localize and pick objects from unmixed load carriers, fully independent of the object‘s position and orientation.

It uses a CAD model as input, AppliedAI-based machine learning processes and highly intuitive user interfaces. The software allows the specification of one or more grasp points per object, hence enabling picking by a two-finger gripper or a suction device.

This application can significantly increase the efficiency of production processes, e.g. by automating machine tending.


The rc_reason SilhouetteMatch Module detects position and orientation of comparatively flat objects that are positioned on a planar surface in unmixed scenes. By matching the scene at hand to a previously taught template, the 3D position and orientation is determined for each object, and grasp points can be defined.

Typical applications include machine tending or emptying load carriers of several (separated) layers of objects.


The rc_reason BoxPick Module provides a solution for robotic pick-and-place applications such as de-/palletizing and sorting of packets.

Equipped with the BoxPick Module, the rc_visard detects rectangular surfaces over pre-defined size ranges and optionally computes potential grasp points. It allows the detection of the position, the orientation and the size of the objects and enables the robot to place the objects in a defined position.

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The rc_reason ItemPick Module is a solution for robotic pick-and-place applications using suction grippers: It computes surface grasp poses for a suction device on a given object.

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ItemPick applications, in particular for difficult objects or workspaces, can be optimized by equipping the rc_visard with a projector and corresponding IO Control Module.


SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) allows rc_visard to create a map of its environment, while simultaneously estimating its current location. This is an important part of the GPS-free navigation on unknown terrain. The SLAM module runs onboard the rc_visard, no external hardware is required.

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The TagDetect component enables a robust out-of-the-box detection of QR codes and AprilTags. In addition, it calculates the 3D position and orientation of each tag relative to the sensor. It can be used e.g. for localizing the sensor or for the identification and localization of objects. Its detection time of less than 1s enables highly efficient applications.

This module is now included in the rc_visard’s basic software, and available for purchase only for upgrading older rc_visards.

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Useful Enhancements

Universal Robots: URCap

Run any rc_reason Module on your Universal Robot easily with our URCap: Available for download free of charge, and as part of a plug-and-play bundle solution, the Universal Robots Pick Package.


The SGM®Producer is a software library for running stereo matching processes on the graphics card of an external computer – particularly useful when high-speed processing is of essence.

EKI Bridge

The Ethernet KRL Interface (EKI Bridge) allows communicating with the rc_visard from KUKA KRL via KUKA.EthernetKRL XML. It enables the use of all onboard modules from KUKA KSS controllers without any external IPC.


This software module is now part of the basic software, but still available for upgrading older models. It allows usage of the sensor’s digital IOs to control external devices such as the rc_randomdot.

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