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Roboception @ automatica 2022 Vision Expert Huddles

A 10-Minute Introduction to Our Vision Solutions

AppliedAI for (De)Palletizing: rc_reason BoxPick Application

AppliedAI for Pick-and-Place: rc_reason ItemPick Application

Pick-and-Place Application with Christmas Baubles

Overview: Roboception @ automatica 2018

Application with rc_reason TagDetect

Hand-Eye-Calibration with KUKA iiwa

rc_reason SLAM – Localization and Mapping

An Apple a Day… Integrating the rc_visard with ROS

Roboception wins Bavarian Innovation Price 2018

Kuka Live Session at Hannover Fair 2017

rc_visard 65- Bin Picking Application with Object Detection

3D Orientation of rc_visard and Demonstration of Pointcloud

rc_visard Unboxing – Quick and Easy Setup


Apr 2022

News: Roboception Presents High-Resolution 3D Stereo Sensor rc_viscore

The rc_viscore offers 12 Megapixel (MP) resolution for maximum accuracy and level of detail, and is particularly suitable as a sensor component for more complex robotics applications that require a high level of precision coupled with larger workspaces. Munich-based technology leader Roboception GmbH expands its range of high-performance sensors for industrial 3D image processing in robotics by adding the rc_viscore high-resolution 3D stereo sensor to its product portfolio.The rc_viscore delivers an image resolution of 12 MP and hence generates a very detailed point cloud as well as depth, confidence and error images. The impressive image quality allows its use in complex automation applications that require high-quality image processing. It is suitable for the reliable detection of small parts with a size of just a few centimeters, even in large detection areas with a working distance of up to four meters - specifications relevant for automated machine loading, for example. "We simply wanted to put 'more pixels in the bin' to further increase the applicability of image processing solutions in automation," explains Dr. Michael Suppa, co-founder and CEO of Roboception. "We focused on achieving both a high-quality point cloud and a maximum accuracy and level of detail. And, of course, on maintaining the intuitive usability and unique price-performance ratio that our customers appreciate in our products." Coupled with Roboception's rc_cube, the rc_viscore provides the image data for object detection and the computation of grasp points, for example in industrial automation and logistics. The new stereo ...

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posted by:

Mareike Suppa



Feb 2022

Product News: rc_cube I Supports Multiple Sensors AND Your Own Software Components

Today’s complex robot vision applications can require reliable high-speed processing/ low latencies, the parallel use of multiple sensors, a seamless integration of user-owned software elements within the vision pipeline – or even all of these, and more, in a single use case. At the same time, space is limited and hardware must be fit for the day-to-day use in industrial environments. Good news: We’ve got you covered.The rc_cube I, our industrial edge computer, optimizes the capabilities for our rc_reason software modules and features a UserSpace for the deployment of your own software components – so you will only need this one computer in your cell. It supports up to four sensors (not limited to our own rc_visards, you could also include e.g. a Basler blaze) that can be operated in parallel to cover different parts of the scene. Each has ist individual settings and vision pipeline, while your configured regions of interest, load carriers, grippers and templates are shared across all pipelines.

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posted by:

Mareike Suppa



Sep 2021

Use Case: Robots Recognizes and Moves 100+ Different Components Fully Automatically

At Danfoss, a Danish manufacturer of mobile hydraulics as well as electronic and electrical components, robotic systems equipped with 3D sensors now reliably and precisely recognize and move a large number of different components. In the new production line implemented by Danish integrator Quality Robot Systems (QRS), a total of six KUKA robots take over work steps that were previously performed manually. For this, the robotic cells must recognize and move up to 100 different components without manual intervention. Read the full story of how - despite initial doubts - QRS was "able to provide our customer with the perfect solution.”

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posted by:

Mareike Suppa




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