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Roboception is providing tools which are helpful for using our products. They are available on our github repository or offered for  download here.



Description: rc_visard firmware image. This image is the base of rc_visards and contains all functions and software modules needed.
All updates and future features are combined in this software image.
If you would like to update your rc_visard, use this image.

Changelog: rc_visard_v20.04.1_CHANGELOG.pdf

Discovery Tool

Description: Tool for the discovery of Roboception rc_visard sensors via GigE Vision. This tool is required to detect the rc_visards and perform factory resets. The documentation can be found in the quick-start guide provided with every product.

Source Code:



Description: The SGM®Producer is an add-on software element that enables a significant speed-up of the depth image computation by utilizing the computing power of an external host computer’s graphics card (GPU) for stereo matching.

Note that activation requires a purchase of this software product, e.g. through our webshop.

Manual: Manual-SGM-Producer.pdf


Description: The integration of our ItemPick application on your UR robot* made easy: The URCap enables a plug-and-play installation and usage.

Changelog: rc_visard_URCap_CHANGELOG.pdf

View tutorial…

*requires PolyScope version 3.9.0 (or higher) for CB-Series robots or version 5.3.0 (or higher) for E-Series robots.

ROS Driver

Description: The ROS driver for rc_visard provides rectified images, disparity, confidence and error images in ROS format and can convert disparity images on-the-fly into depth images and colored point clouds. All image related parameters can be controlled via dynamic reconfigure parameters. Additionally, poses from rc_visards dynamics interface can be published on TF and as pose messages with additional information

Source Code:

ROS Wiki:

Convenience Layer

Description: Roboception convenience layer around GenICam and GigE Vision as well as the dynamics interface of rc_visard

Source Code:


CAD Data

CAD data of rc_visard is provided in .stl, .obj, .mtl  and .stp format in one zip-File for download.

rc_visard 65

rc_visard 160


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