Robotic machine tending is now easier: Roboception’s  rc_reason SilhouetteMatch Module detects position and orientation of comparatively flat objects that are positioned on a planar surface in unmixed scenes. By matching the scene at hand to a previously taught template, the 3D position and orientation is determined for each object, and grasp points can be defined.

Typical applications include machine tending or emptying load carriers of several (separated) layers of objects.

This new software add-on is now available in our webshop…

When high-speed processing is of the essence, rc_visard users can now take the sensor’s semi-global-matching (SGM®) processing off-board: The SGM®Producer is a software library for running stereo matching processes on the graphics card of an external computer.

While the stereo matching component is part of the basic on-board software package on each rc_visard, the SGM®Producer utilizes the computing power of an external host computer’s graphics card (GPU). It enables a significant speed-up of the depth image computation: Frame rates of 25Hz can be achieved.

Installation of this GenICam-compatible producer is easy: There is no change of interface as compared to on-board stereo matching and even SGM® processing for multiple sensors on one GPU is possible.

This new software add-on is now available in our webshop…

With the Image Version 1.5, we improve our basic software with a new feature: The StereoPlus Module delivers full resolution depth images and advanced smoothing for optimized depth data.

The new Image 1.5 not only includes some minor bug fixes and efficiency improvements, but also the StereoPlus Module. This comprises two new features: ‘Smoothing’ and ‘Full Resolution’.

When activated, the SMOOTHING setting evens out the surfaces in the depth image of a given scene without removing scene details, hence improving the data quality significantly.

When selecting FULL among the resolution settings, the depth image will be computed in the full camera resolution. This setting is particularly useful when the sensor is used in combination with the RandomDot Projector, as it maximizes the scene density.

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The brand-new rc_reason ItemPick Module, eagerly awaited by all who have had an opportunity to preview it in the past few weeks, is now available for purchase in Roboception’s webshop.

The  ItemPick Module is a solution for robotic pick-and-place applications using suction grippers. This optional software component can be easily activated on-board any rc_visard, and operated through the sensor’s standard interface.

Following several months of development and testing efforts, the Roboception team is proud to provide this unique piece of software to its customers, convinced that it will help solve pick-and-place challenges in a highly efficient way.