Great news for 2023:  Franka Production 3 and Franka Research 3 robots can now be enhanced by Roboception’s ‘Eyes and Brains for Robots’. Roboception’s vision solutions are part of the Franka ecosystem. Highly efficient pick-and-place applications, machine tending, bin picking or (de)palletizing have just become that much easier for your most recent Franka robots. For the quick and easy integration of Roboception‘s rc_visard 3D stereo sensor and innovative rc_reason software modules, Franka provides easy-to-use apps for the Desk software.

rc_visard owners that want to use a Franka robot of the latest generation can simply purchase the license for the Roboception Apps and download them via the Franka World. We recommend to also update the rc_visard with the latest firmware.

If you do not have an rc_visard yet, just contact us via

Watch Franka’s video about the cooperation:

Low system costs, quick implementation, and a high degree of flexibility in use; this is what the rc_visard product family of smart 3D cameras promises, with which MATRIX VISION expands its product portfolio through the cooperative venture with Roboception.

MATRIX VISION and Roboception enter into a long-term partnership in order to provide user-friendly products for the 3D machine vision market and in particular for robot users based on their machine vision and 3D expertise. The first product family from the partnership focuses on the tried-and-tested technology of Roboception:

With the rc_visard and the compatible software suite rc_reason, MATRIX VISION offers its customers an award-winning component for 3D machine vision. The 3D camera family was developed for stationary and mobile robot applications such as bin picking or the navigation of driverless transport systems and promises very simple operation.

MATRIX VISION, provider of components for industrial machine vision, was founded in 1986 and is well-known for its wide and varied product range of industrial cameras, intelligent cameras, embedded solutions, and software. MATRIX VISION also develops customized solutions for special requirements, ranging from the individual component to the complete functional unit.

The applications of the solutions are diverse. For instance, MATRIX VISION can already draw on real-life experience in the mechanical engineering, electronics, food, pharmaceutical, and printing industries. In production, the vision components from MATRIX VISION make seamless quality control for resource-efficient production possible. However, they are also already used in the non-manufacturing industry, in traffic monitoring, microscopy, and medicine.

Since 2017, MATRIX VISION has been a subsidiary of Balluff GmbH and is globally represented with a total of 68 Balluff offices worldwide.

Roboception’s partner J. Schmalz GmbH has now launched its innovative 3D-R Vision & Handling Sets, a complete solution for the complex task of automated bin picking.

The set combines a vacuum gripping system specially optimized for bin picking with a Roboception’s rc_visard 3D stereo sensor and rc_reason software modules, and also includes suitable connection accessories for the robot. The intelligent control and smooth cooperation of all components is the decisive success factor.

The product is available in two variants, with either a static sensor or an end-of-arm installation, and can be optimized as a BoxPick or ItemPick solution.

The BoxPick module detects rectangular surfaces and calculates the gripping point based on predefined workpiece sizes. This module enables robots to pick ordered articles from a pallet or from a box.

The ItemPick module calculates the next gripping point for randomly shaped, unsorted workpieces within a load carrier. This module is used for bin picking.

This solution also features the brand-new CollisionCheck module, which avoids collisions between the gripper and the load carrier.

Visit Schmalz’ product page for details and purchase…

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The rc_visard 3D stereo sensor and the rc_reason software modules have now been integrated directly into the interfaces of the innovative drag&bot software.

drag&bot enables users to re-programme their robots quickly and flexibly, and to hence optimize the automated production processes. The software is compatibel with robots from eight different manufactureres, and now integrates Roboception’s vision solutions as well.

Read more on the drag&bot website…