Not a Vision Expert? Not a Problem! Machine Tending (and More) Made Easy

The rc_reason CADMatch Module is now ready to order in our webshop.

Enable your robotic system to reliably detect, localize and pick objects from unmixed load carriers, fully independent of the object‘s position and orientation: Simply feed a CAD-based template into the CADMatch Module, define one (or several) grasp point(s) on your object with just a few mouse clicks, and easily deliver task-relevant information for your robotic application.

A machine learning approach enables the usability, while a classical refinement ensures accuracy – this combination of ‘the best of both worlds’ is AppliedAI at its best!

Would you like to see for yourself?

Get in touch to schedule a demo and/ or send us a CAD model of your object. Within a day or so, we will provide a report on the expected accuracy of the detection. That’s free of charge, of course!

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