Good news for all users of Universal Robots: Highly efficient pick-and-place applications, machine tending, bin picking or (de)palletizing have just become easier for your UR: Roboception‘s rc_visard 3D stereo sensor and innovative rc_reason software modules are now fully compatible with Universal Robots through a URCap.

Getting started is as easy as can be:

rc_visard users that switch to a UR robot can simply download the URCap (free of charge) from Roboception’s website.

New rc_visard users can purchase their hardware and software solution as part of our Universal Robots Pick Package that includes a ‘starter kit’: It contains the URCap, a tailored calibration grid and a set of cables and connectors plus the selected sensor and a software component (if any).

Visit the rc_visard on the UR+ website, read the full product description or have a look at the detailed tutorial for more information.

The rc_visard 3D stereo sensor and the rc_reason software modules have now been integrated directly into the interfaces of the innovative drag&bot software.

drag&bot enables users to re-programme their robots quickly and flexibly, and to hence optimize the automated production processes. The software is compatibel with robots from eight different manufactureres, and now integrates Roboception’s vision solutions as well.

Read more on the drag&bot website…