Roboception is now able to offer a solution for scenes or objects that are particularly difficult to perceive: e.g. shiny metallic objects or light, flat surfaces.

The RandomDot Projector is a specifically tailored projector that can be used as an enhancement to the rc_visard when the perception of particularly difficult scenes with little or no visual texture is required.

This tailored white LED projector projects a random dot pattern and can be mounted over a scene or directly on sensor. It is suitable for use with any rc_visard (monochrome and color).

The brand-new rc_reason ItemPick Module, eagerly awaited by all who have had an opportunity to preview it in the past few weeks, is now available for purchase in Roboception’s webshop.

The  ItemPick Module is a solution for robotic pick-and-place applications using suction grippers. This optional software component can be easily activated on-board any rc_visard, and operated through the sensor’s standard interface.

Following several months of development and testing efforts, the Roboception team is proud to provide this unique piece of software to its customers, convinced that it will help solve pick-and-place challenges in a highly efficient way.

The infamous 100 days have passed since the robotic community gathered in Munich for this year’s Automatica – and at Roboception, we still continue to receive positive feedback for our presence.

On our booth, we demonstrated our rc_visard sensors and rc_reason software in a variety of demos: a pick-from-shelf/ pick-from-bin scenario using an industrial robot, a demo relying on the automatic detection of grasp points and QRcodes for picking up apples and placing them in a tray, as well as a set-up showing how even the most difficult items can reliably be recognized by the rc_visard when used in combination with a pattern projector.

Have you missed it (or would you like another look)? Let our CEO Dr. Michael Suppa summarize for you:

See the video here