As part of the European Union’s Horizon2020 programme, we have recently closed the visard4ROS project – and one of its results is a mobile robot solution that now helps to keep the Roboception Team healthy and happy!

Using ROS, our rc_visard and the rc_reason software modules SLAM and TagDetect in combination with the mobile TurtleBot, we developed an internal apple-delivery-service.

Now, we have a mobile robot that autonomously navigates our office environment, and our quite simple application makes us just a little bit better every day! The best part of this: You can easily re-create it for your own purposes, using our technology and ROS.

The visard4ROS FTP (Focused Technology Project) has received funding from the European Union‘s #Horizon2020 research and innovation programme ROSIN under grant agreement No. 732287.

See the demo video here