Roboception’s first anniversary was the perfect occasion to celebrate – the companies‘ first successes as well as its recent move into a more extensive office space. On the afternoon of March 04th, Roboception’s CEO Dr. Michael Suppa was able to welcome not only customers and partners from across Germany, but also Roboception’s employees, colleagues from other Munich-based start-ups and – last but not least – Markus Blume, Member of the Bavarian Parliament, who also contributed a very entertaining welcome address.

In his subsequent speech, Dr. Christian Schlögel, CTO of KUKA AG and member of the executive board of KUKA Roboter GmbH, emphasized once more the great importance and relevance of the companies’ strategic partnership with Roboception.

Afterwards, the attendees used the opportunity to exchange further, or to ask one of Roboception’s team members for an introduction of Roboception’s products and a demonstration of the various prototypes – all accompanied by snacks and drinks. At the end of an informative afternoon, only one question remained unanswered: How did magician Andreas Maier manage to pull a bottle of sparkling wine from standard-size envelope?

Dr. Korbinian Schmid (right) demonstrates Roboception’s sensor in combination with an industrial robot.

Dr. Christian Schlögel (KUKA), Dr. Michael Suppa (Roboception), Prof. Dr. Gerd Hirzinger and Markus Blume (MdL) drink to Roboception’s recent and future successes.